Large Celtic Cross Olive Wood Necklace with Leather Cord


DescriptionBeautiful and symbolic, this olive wood Celtic cross necklace is a favorite gift for men and women alike. Here’s the story behind the Celtic cross: St. Patrick gave the Celtic cross to those who converted from paganism, superimposing the cross over the sun, which was an old symbol for the pagan god. In this way, the cross was shown to be more powerful than the sun, and Christ was shown to reign supreme. Evocative of the many beautiful Celtic crosses seen all over Ireland and in many other places today, this powerful symbol of eternal life is one that is marvelous for aiding in overcoming all of life’s challenges in a uniquely beautiful way.

Cord: 30+ inches – can be cut to custom length

Product Heigth: 1.5″ / 4cm
Product Width: 1.0″ / 3cm


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