Mission Project

fun1Why do the Mission Project?

  • Your church will be supporting Bethlehem’s Christian families.
  • HolyLand-Gifts.com uses sales profits to support numerous different charities in Bethelehem, including bethlehem-bible-college.
  • Unique gifts from the Holy Land
  • These Holy Land Gifts offer rich inspirational value and work for all occasion giving
  • Each item we offer is handcrafted, and each is sure to appeal to your congregation

Did you know that a group of just ten Christian families, living in Bethlehem, handcraft all of our Olivewood and Mother of Pearl products? The current situation in Israel has contributed to a serious lack of the tourism this small population of Christians once depended on for their livelihood. By producing and selling these handcrafted gifts, they are able to provide for themselves. These Christians depend on fellow followers of Christ; without this mission project, and without our fundraiser project, these faithful people would quickly descend even further into poverty.
What is HolyLand-Gifts?
Established to support Christians from Bethlehem and to provide mission projects for churches throughout the United States, HolyLand-Gifts has been supporting Christians from the Holy Land since 2001. HolyLand-Gifts coordinates these mission projects, making successful completion very simple. When your church participates, you’ll receive a kit of over 50 gift items packaged and ready for display. Please see the links at the bottom of the page for in-depth information about mission projects.
How much money will our local church have to contribute to the mission project?
No money is required up front to participate in a mission project. Your church group is responsible for taking orders and sales of the beautiful gift items. When all sales are complete, you will send 100% of the total sales to HolyLand-Gifts.com. The profits from your sales are then sent to numerous Bethlehem charities including Bethlehem Bible College. There is no minimum or maximum amount required. By making pulpit announcements and creating excitement around this project, you can enjoy the numerous blessings that come from helping other Christians in need.
Who has already completed the mission project successfully?
More than 200 churches/groups in numerous states have successfully completed the mission project.
How much are the gift items?
HolyLand-Gifts is able to keep prices very low since we directly import the Holy Land gift items from Bethlehem. 70% of the items are priced at $15.00 or less, making them easily affordable, even for people who are on tight budgets. Prices for the fundraiser/mission project are the same as this website.
Who do we contact to get started?
Call us (417) 393-9185 or send us an email:info@HolyLand-Gifts.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
What people have to say:
“This is the easiest project our church has ever done.”
“The olivewood sells itself.”
“We didn’t do the selling, the unique products sold themselves!”
“We are always looking for that special gift and now we have found it.”
“We are looking forward to providing these beautiful handcrafted gifts to our group again next year.”
Click on the links below for more detailed information in PDF.