Many of us that are familiar with the story of Jesus’ birth have a rosy, Christmas-tinted view of Bethlehem. We envision Mary on the donkey, the full inn, and the idyllic stable with just a handful of clean and sweet-smelling animals. Clean straw covers the floor. Nativities depicting this scene can be purchased at, for example. But what is Bethlehem like today? Would the little town of Bethlehem still be recognizable to Mary and Joseph? Can we still...Read More
One of the nicest Christian gifts you can give a child is a kids cross necklace. The gift of a cross necklace is both personal and meaningful, making it ideal for any occasion, and as there are so many different cross styles available, it is fairly easy to find a kids cross necklace to suit nearly anyone. Here are five great tips for choosing a necklace to suit the recipient perfectly. Choose the Right Size When choosing a kids cross necklace, be sure to select one that will fit the child ...Read More
It can be difficult to buy presents for pastors and priests. What do they need? What do they want? What do they not already have ten thousand versions of? What would they appreciate? What would make them feel appreciated? The questions just keep coming … Yet we do want to show our love and gratitude to our spiritual leaders. We do want to show them that we care. But, how do we do that? What do we give our pastor or priest for a gift? One idea is to get them something that isn't really fo...Read More
If you've not already read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, do it! What started out as a book has turned into an empire. There is now a "men's edition" and an edition for parenting. There's a couple's study Bible and a series of chi...Read More
Gifts for Catholic Confirmation should celebrate the Confirmand’s deepening faith. Here are five gifts that are suitable for giving Catholic Confirmation recipients. Gifts for Catholic Confirmation don’t have to be expensive, but they should be memorable. As the sacrament of Confirmation is part of an important life transition for Catholics, many families celebrate by hosting parties, and many churches bring their congregations together to celebrate. If you have frie...Read More
While there are many fantastic Catholic confirmation gifts available, handcrafted rosaries are at the top of the list – and for a very good reason. Many young Catholics are not exposed to the rosary, as today’s families are often too busy to pray together regularly; and many adults who are new to the Catholic faith have lots on their plates, including many things to learn about being Catholic. It’s important to stress here that the rosary is not just for Catholics; however, we’re going t...Read More
A handcrafted rosary makes a wonderful Christian gift for any occasion. While Catholic rosary beads hold a certain sense of mystery for other Christians, they are actually a fantastic tool anyone can use to improve the practice of prayer, and to increase focus while meditating. Here, we’ll share some valuable information about the rosary itself, plus some handcrafted rosary sources. The Rosary’s History The rosary itself, as it is known today has remained the same since the fif...Read More
A beautiful Christian Christmas ornament is right at home on the Christmas tree. This Christmas, try displaying a Christian ornament in a whole new way. Some Christmas ornaments are meant to blend into the background; others, particularly a beautiful Christian Christmas ornament, are best when showcased. Here, we’ll share some Christmas decorating ideas for showcasing any special ornament, including a special Christian Christmas ornament. If you need ideas for decorating a small space for C...Read More
Selecting Christian gifts for men may sound like a difficult prospect, but the truth is, once you know what to look for, the process suddenly seems much easier. Here, we’ll take a look at five top Christian gifts for men. These gifts are ideal for any occasion, and are certain to be ideal for nearly any man who identifies as a Christian. Religious Art There are many different types of religious art, and depending on the individual’s taste, at least one type of religious art is s...Read More
When choosing fundraising ideas for churches, it’s vital that you know what works, and what does not. Here are five essentials for churches in need of fundraising ideas. When searching for fundraising ideas for churches, you’ll come across all sorts of items. Cookies, scented candles, candy, and other consumable goods tend to be popular, but selecting these items for your fundraiser often results in poor sales. Instead of leaving things up to chance, follow these five essentials for selec...Read More
Christians in Bethlehem and the rest of the area commonly referred to as the Holy Land celebrate Christmas – but in a different way than we in the Western world tend to. Whether you’ve made a tradition of giving simple gifts like the ones we offer to your loved ones, or if this is your first time exploring our website, we think you’ll enjoy this peek into what Christmas is like in the land where Jesus was born. Traditions and Travelers During the Christmas season, pilgrims flo...Read More
As Christians, we are stewards of God’s creation – the planet we live on, the birds, animals and plants that share the Earth with us, and the air and water we depend on for life have been entrusted to our care. Now, more than ever, it is up to us as Christians to do all we can to help safeguard the resources God provided to sustain us. Here, we’ll take a look at some ways you can do your part. Make Wise Choices We’ve all hear the slogan “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,” and som...Read More
Holy Land Gifts supports Christian artists living in the Holy Land - you probably already know that much! What you might not know is that Christians, once thriving in the area commonly referred to as the Holy Land, are being uprooted. Those who remain are constantly under threat from others seeking to persecute them, and finding life-sustaining employment is a difficult endeavor. Despite what some officials say, Christians living in the Holy Land regularly face discrimination, which is why our s...Read More
Meditation is a wonderful way to relax your mind and focus on prayer. Christian rosaries are useful tools for meditation, and rosaries can be used by any Christian. For a long time, Catholics were the only people to use Christian rosaries as tools for prayer and meditation. Today, people from many different Christian faith backgrounds use the rosary as a way to ground themselves physically, whether actually praying the prayers that traditionally go along with Christian rosaries, or whether si...Read More
Finding Christian gifts for kids is simple if you know where to look. Kids will enjoy memorable Christian gifts more when you add special personal touches. Think back to the last time someone gave you a gift, and you’ll understand why adding special touches to Christian gifts for kids is so important. No matter what the gift you received was, it probably seemed a lot more meaningful when the one who gave it to you added special personal touches. Here, we’ll provide some ideas for adding e...Read More
When selecting rosary beads for children, it is important to keep the child’s age and gender in mind. Children should be taught to care for their rosary beads. There are many types of rosary beads for children, ranging from colorful plastic rosaries to wooden rosaries. There are even rosaries that glow in the dark. When selecting rosary beads for children, you should be sure to make your choice with care. While a very young child might appreciate a colorful rosary with big plastic beads, an...Read More
When it comes to Christian gifts for children, you may be at a complete loss for ideas. Children will appreciate these interesting Christian gifts suggestions. When looking for Christian gifts for children, you might feel as though you are fighting an uphill battle. After all, many gifts for kids involve lots of plastic, odd cartoon characters, or noisy sound effects that will have parents wishing you would have just forgotten about the occasion at hand. Whether you’re looking for a meaning...Read More
Selecting a Catholic wedding gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Here, we share some quick, simple tips for choosing a wedding gift for a Catholic couple. You’ve received an invitation to a Catholic wedding, and you’re wondering what might make a nice Catholic wedding gift. While traditional wedding gifts such as household goods and money are always appreciated, you’ll make the couple feel just a bit more special if you take the time to select a unique Catholic wedding gift they can en...Read More
The rosary beads necklace for men is a fantastic gift that is certain to be well-received. Here are some guidelines for selecting rosary beads as a necklace for men. Some men are notoriously tough to shop for, which is one reason a rosary beads necklace for men makes a great gift. Following, we’ll discuss some various rosary necklace styles along with various pros and cons associated with each type of rosary beads necklace for men. Stainless Steel Rosary Beads While stainless s...Read More
Selecting the right Catholic Confirmation gift doesn’t have to be a chore. Here, we’ll provide some tips for finding a great gift for Catholic Confirmation. Whether you are a friend or family member of a Confirmand, the Catholic confirmation gift you select shows that you support the newly confirmed member of the Catholic faith in his or her decision to become a fully anointed member of the church. A Catholic Confirmation gift should be meaningful, and it ought to be...Read More
Many people who grew up in Christian homes know what Ash Wednesday is all about, whether they elect to celebrate it or not. For many who are new to Christianity or who grew up in Christian faiths that do not typically celebrate this, the first day of the Lenten season, we have a quick guide to share. Here, we’ll talk a little bit about the History of Ash Wednesday, plus we’ll talk about some ways today’s Christians celebrate the first day of Lent. The History of Ash Wednesday ...Read More
Christians everywhere celebrate Holy Thursday or Mandy Thursday, as it is often known, each year just before Easter. This important feast commemorates the Last Supper as described in the Gospels. If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you might know quite a bit about Holy Thursday. If, on the other hand, you’re brand new to Christianity, you may wish you knew more about the feast’s history and traditions. Here, we’ll take a look at the history of Maundy Thursday, plus we’ll talk a...Read More
Many Christians have questions about Catholic rosary beads. Here, we’ll look at the mysteries Catholic faithful meditate on when using rosary beads. You may have seen Catholic rosary beads at a Christian gifts shop, or perhaps you have seen them in the hands of a friend. If you’re Catholic, you probably know quite a bit about rosary beads, and perhaps you even use them; if not, you probably wonder what those Catholic rosary beads are for. You’ll find valuable information about Roman Ca...Read More
Olivewood naitivity sets are the perfect addition to your home’s holiday décor. Made with Holy Land olivewood, these naitivity scenes are simple, yet beautiful. When it comes to celebrating Christmas each year, the simple beauty of the olivewood naitivity will be a welcome addition to your décor, no matter what your decorating style. Here, we’ll share a few tips for setting up a nativity scene. Choose the Right Size If you don’t yet own a nativity scene, now is the perfec...Read More
When attempting to come up with Catholic gift ideas, keep the recipient’s taste in mind. Here are some gift ideas for Catholic occasions of all types. When working to come up with Catholic gift ideas, it’s important that you keep the recipient’s age, gender, and personal sense of taste in mind. It is also vital that you look for items designed to inspire virtue and strengthen the recipient’s sense of faith, no matter what the occasion. Here, we’ll share some great Catholic gift idea...Read More
Catholic Confirmation gifts for children are fairly easy to find. When adults receive the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation, different gifts are appropriate. When looking for Catholic Confirmation gifts, much of what you find in stores and online may seem more appropriate for children than for adults. The fact is, many adults, including those who have been Catholic for some time and many who are new to the Catholic faith, are confirmed each year. Here, we share several great ideas concerning...Read More
Gifts made with Bethlehem olivewood take on a rich patina that deepens with each passing year. Best of all, Olivewood from Bethlehem is a renewable resource. Gifts made with Bethlehem olivewood are very beautiful to begin with, but did you know that as olive wood ages, it starts to take on an even more dramatic appearance? While some gifts are destined to end up being donated to charity, re-gifted, or simply forgotten about in a box filled with clutter, gifts of Bethlehem olivewood are cheris...Read More
A common scene throughout American homes and towns during the Christmas season is the nativity scene, or crèche. Many families have a small nativity inside their home, while others may have a larger, more elaborate scene in their yard. Some churches may even have a live nativity with real people and animals. Maybe surprisingly, this reflects back on the original nativity scenes, begun 800 years ago. The first nativity scene ...Read More
A Cross Necklace for Children and Other Great Christian Gifts When looking for Christian gifts, a cross necklace for children makes a great choice. Children love wearing a cross necklace and will appreciate the gift. A cross necklace for children makes a great Christian gift for just about any occasion. Here, we’ll share some insight for choosing cross necklaces, plus we’ll share some other Christian gift ideas. Whether you are choosing a cross necklace for children, or l...Read More
What would Christmas be without the Christmas tree? And what would the Christmas tree be without the Christmas tree ornaments? Arguably, that blessed tree decorating time is the best part of the Christmas celebration. In the beginning … we all know the story, right? In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve. Well, this is also how the Christmas ornament's story begins. In Western Germany, folks used to set up what they called "paradise t...Read More
Christians all over the world celebrate Good Friday, commemorating the day Jesus was put to death on a cross. While those who were raised in Christian homes tend to have a good understanding of what this day is about, new Christians and those considering Christianity often have questions. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the history of Good Friday, plus we’ll talk about how Christians celebrate this feast today. What is Good Friday? Good Friday is a day used for the commemoration of th...Read More
Catholics and many other Christians prepare for the celebration of Easter by spending the preceding six weeks (forty days) fasting, praying, and observing a variety of religious traditions. While Lenten practices vary widely from one place to the next and from one Christian denomination to the next, most believers agree that this is a very important season – a time for repentance and reflection. What is Lent? If you’re new to Christianity, you may wonder what Lent is all about. This se...Read More