faq_btnWhat if I am not able to find what I’m looking for on your website?

Please contact us and we will do our best to answer any of your questions. You may reach us by phone (417) 393-9185 or email us:info@HolyLand-Gifts.com
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faq_btnWhat is the difference between a Fundraiser Project and a Mission Project?

Both projects work almost exactly the same. The Fundraiser Project, your group keeps 25% of the total sales and sends 75% of total sales to HolyLand-Gifts. The Mission Project, you are helping Christian charities in Bethlehem so you would send 100% of the total sales to HolyLand-Gifts. HolyLand-Gifts would send all profits from your sales to Bethlehem charities such as Bethlehem Bible College.

faq_btnDoes HolyLand-Gifts have a Privacy Policy?

Please see the following link regarding our Privacy Policy.

faq_btnWhat is your Shipping and Returns Policy?

Please see the following link regarding Shipping and Returns.

faq_btnWhat credit cards and payment options do you accept?

All payments are made through PayPal. You ARE NOT required to have a PayPal account as there is the option to select “Don’t have a PayPal account?” and pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest. You may pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express or DiscoverCard.

faq_btnDo you ship products internationally?

Most of our gift items we ship from the USA to the USA. If you are interested in placing an international order, you MUST contact us FIRST.

faq_btnAre all these gifts really made in the Holy Land?

Yes! Each of the gifts you see on our site has been carefully handcrafted by Christian Artisans living in Bethlehem, West Bank – Israel. We work with a co-op of ten Christian families, who provide us with our entire inventory of gifts.

faq_btnAre these gifts mass produced?

The artisans who make these gifts are some of the few Christians left in the Bethlehem area today. They do not mass produce these items; each of the Holy Land gifts we offer is made by hand using simple tools.

faq_btnAre these Holy Land gifts ecologically sustainable?

As Christians, we have an important task in caring for God’s creation, so this is a great question. The olive wood used to create these gifts comes from olive trees used for a variety of purposes; the trees must be shaped and pruned seasonally, and instead of wasting precious branches, our artisans use the beautifully striated wood to create these gifts. As for the Mother of Pearl shells used, they are shipped from Australia, where they are a valuable byproduct of the pearl industry there. The shellfish that produce these pearls and the mother of pearl used in our gifts are not endangered species, and the methods used to harvest them are sustainable.

faq_btnWhen are Holy Land gifts considered appropriate to give?

You can give gifts from the Holy Land for any occasion. While these gifts are very popular for such occasions as First Communions, Confirmations, and Baptisms, they are also great wedding gifts, Mothers Day gifts, Fathers Day Gifts, Birthday Gifts, and, of course, Easter and Christmas gifts. If the occasion calls for a gift, one of these memorable treasures from the Holy Land is certain to be appreciated. When you give a gift from the Holy Land, be sure to tell the recipient where it came from!

faq_btnAre there other ways to help Christians in the Holy Land?

If you are interested in helping the Holy Land’s Christian population, think about doing a church fundraiser, or participating in a mission project. Talk to your pastor, minister, or other church official about beginning a project like this. Youth groups, choirs, and other church groups that need funding get to keep 25% of sales proceeds from fund raisers, and when your church participates in a mission project, 100% of the sales proceeds go to the families who craft the items we carry. If you’re looking for a church project idea, this one is tough to beat.

faq_btnDo You Carry Catholic Gifts?

Catholics are an important part of God’s Christian family. All of our Holy Land gifts are appropriate for Catholics. Catholic gifts we carry include Baptismal gifts, First Holy Communion gifts, Confirmation gifts, and much more. Our most popular Catholic gift items include the Olivewood rosary, the Mother of Pearl Rosary, and the Mother of Pearl Bracelet, which doubles as a chaplet type rosary. If you’re not Catholic but are looking for a Christian gift to give to a Catholic, don’t worry – anything you’ll find in our online Christian store is sure to be appreciated.