“The Job Opportunity of a Lifetime!”

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If you are in search of a new full-time or part-time income, or any extra income at all for that matter, then listen VERY closely! Close the door, turn off the television, and be sure to cut out any and EVERY distraction that you can think of because what I’m going to say will change your life drastically!

First, I have a few questions for YOU…

Are you a Christian that attends church? Do your inner circle of core friends, family members, and associates have the same LOVE for Christ and overall spiritual belief system as you? Last but not least, do you desire to earn more money while working fewer hours as you enjoy all the many freedoms of working a flexible job?

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“YOU Can Overcome Your Income Obstacles TODAY!”

img_2Let’s face the facts…

God has created us to ONLY be human and the burden of society’s financial demand has us all stressed out at times. Sometimes we wonder …”Do I have a financial future paved for my children”, “How are we going to pay our bills”, and even worse “Will we ever get out of debt”. Relax, once again … YOU are only human. We all go through the same things at one point or another in our lives and in one way or another. Your level of happiness and success depends on how you choose to handle those issues.

As avid believers in Christ, we decided to create a way out! A program that will help Christians just like you and me to live a better life. A life that God intended for us, and most importantly a life that gives us financial purpose as we earn more income, provide for our own, and still help other Christians.

img_3Our job opportunity will allow you to work, starting NOW and enjoy all the benefits that come with a WELL-PAYING job of this caliber. You can work from anywhere, at any time of the day, as you will experience the joy of very flexible hours! Whether you need to earn extra cash on a part time basis or you need a FULL-TIME gig that you can comfortably support yourself and even your family on, this is a dream job for almost anyone.

This is a job that will allow you to literally DOUBLE your MONEY very quickly over and over again! Although this is somewhat considered a “Sales” job, you DO NOT have to be an actual “Sales Person”. Many ordinary people just like YOU that possess no specific sales skills have used this job to replace, DOUBLE, TRIPLE, or even QUADRUPLE their current income while finally doing something that they actually enjoy.

Rather than a typical “Online Business Opportunity” we are going the extra mile so that this is actually a “job opportunity” with a guaranteed set dollar amount of money promised every time you complete the entire inventory sale of a shipment. The best part is that not only will you make a great income; YOU will actually be helping out many struggling Christian artisans each and every time you make a sale!

Therefore, working as an associate for HolyLand-Gifts is ideal for just about all of us! Once you join, make the gift items available at your church, for your co-workers, church conferences, clubs, retirement centers, schools, craft shows, and all other appropriate places, you too will finally realize the very profitable benefits of working this job!

The Benefits of Our Job are Endless!

img_4Don’t take our word for it! We want you to be the judge of this AMAZING new job opportunity.

Here are just some of the benefits of our job that you will enjoy…

Here’s what you are going to do:

img_7YOU need to order your first kit today RIGHT NOW! We will then take you by the hand and literally walk you through EVERY step for getting started from A-Z leaving no question unanswered and no potential situation unexplained before hand! The bottom line is that you will get the same POWERFUL and DETAILED job training that you need, the same as any other traditional job, but still have the freedom to decide your own income, work location, and schedule!


Our Membership Packages!

Membership Kit Name
Kit Description
Order NOW!

This is the smallest and most inexpensive kit available for the entire HolyLand-Gifts job program! With minimal effort and following suggestions, this small investment can turn to $5,000 in record time!

$ 75


We send you gift products valued at +$150


This is an upgrade from our Starter package! As with all other packages, YOU will DOUBLE your investment after selling all your gift items, meaning once you’ve sold everything your $150 turns in to $300!

$ 150


We will send you gift products valued at +$300


This is a very popular membership kit! This package sells for just $300 upfront and gives you enough product to earn over $600 within a limited amount of time!

$ 300


We will send you gift products valued at +$600


This is our #1 most recommended package! We would rather members get started with this package than any other. This kit allows you to have plenty of gift items available when making sales, so you don’t run out of products immediately.

$ 600


We will send you gift products valued at +$1200


This is the perfect kit for those who have sold smaller kits and realized they should have purchased a larger kit as they were running out of gift products during their sales. You don’t want your customers saying, “I would have purchased more if you had it available”

$ 1,250


We will send you gift products valued at


This package guarantees that for those ELITE sellers, YOU WILL NOT run out of product before having a chance to re-order in time! If you connect with medium to larger churches, you will want to have plenty of gift products available!

$ 2,500


We will send you gift products valued at +$5,000

Custom Kits

Please contact us TODAY for custom kits and orders to
discover exactly how we can help to accommodate your
specific needs!


Unlimited Valued!


So Why Should YOU Get Started Today?

If you are still on the fence for this opportunity, I believe that I can help you make a decision RIGHT NOW! The answer is simple. If you are HAPPY with your current income, ENJOY your current job, and praise God for it unconditionally, you will still LOVE working with these beautiful gifts as an outreach mission helping Christian artisans in Bethlehem. However, for those of YOU that are simply “Human” and you believe that God has something BETTER for you, this opportunity is SPECIFICALLY for YOU!

This is why I am telling you NOT to waste another second! Start helping yourself while helping others all at the same time RIGHT NOW! Mind, body, and soul, you will gain more peace, more HAPPINESS, and most importantly more income!

All memberships come fully equipped with a FREE “welcoming package”. This FULL welcoming package will include each of the following:

Product Name:
Product Description:
Retail Value:
HLG Welcome Letter

Please contact us TODAY for custom kits and orders to discover exactly how we can help to accommodate your
specific needs!

$ 19

FREE with your order

Selling HLG from
A-Z Official Guide

This Small Guide will tell you the “Ins” and “Outs” of selling for HLG products. It is very short, concise, and to the point as a result of this being one of the simplest jobs you will ever have!

$ 99

FREE with your order

HLG Quick
Start Program

This is the ULTIMATE guide to give you step by step instructions on how to get started with your new Job!

$ 79

FREE with your order

FAQ’s for Sellers

It’s inevitable that YOU are going to have questions and guess what? We have all the answers to your questions here!

$ 59

FREE with your order

72 Hour Challenge

This program is designed so that ANY and EVERYONE that joins our program will be able to easily make 5 or more sales within their first 3 days (72 hours) without question!

$ 99

FREE with your order

Unlimited FREE
Help and Support

Call or email us at ANYTIME for help with selling!

$ 29

FREE with your order

And remember, you get everything described above ALL FREE as long as you order ANY of our membership kits!

Turn $75 into $5,000 in Record Time!img_8

If you want to start off slow, or you don’t have much money to invest in this job opportunity, start with the $75 kit, sell everything in the kit and you will have over $150. Purchase the $150 kit, sell everything in the kit and you will have over $300. Purchase the $300 kit; continue to double your money until you have turned your $75 investment into $5,000 cash! This job and the realistic income potential is much more than just theory, … this is PROVEN over and over again by our members each and every day!

Join Now! Positions are Limited!img_9

Positions are VERY limited and we don’t want you to miss out! Again, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! Fun, flexible, meaningful jobs like this don’t come around very often! Here’s perhaps your first, last, and ONLY chance to actually become a part of something special! We are talking about really earning more money than you could have REALISTICALLY imagined while working for yourself.


We Cover you from A-Z! No Questions Unanswered!

img_10There’s nothing to worry about with this job! We have taken care of everything so you don’t have to! All you must do is ORDER ANY KIT RIGHT NOW. You will start earning MORE MONEY in a way that you NEVER thought would probably ever exist.

A few words of advice…

If you let a church know you are helping Christian artisans in Bethlehem, most churches will allow you to set up a table and make sales before or after worship services. Average church sales are between

$1,000-$1,500. Small churches sometimes have sales over $1,000. Large churches can have sales $4,000 and above! It is suggested you not try to sell at a church unless you have at least $1,000 worth of gift products available for sales because these items literally FLY off the shelves!

Set up in highly visible areas – example:a location where people enter and exit the church.

Let the church know you will set up and be responsible for everything.

Ask if the church will place information in their bulletin, overhead screens, email, newsletter, during announcements – as each purchase is helping Christian artisans in Bethlehem.

Make sales available for 2-3 weeks in a row at the same church. Some people will be absent and would not want to miss this gift-buying opportunity.
Provide an information sheet about Holy Land-Gifts, Christian artists, Olive wood tree and its significance. You can also download imagesfrom this website to a flash drive and make them available to the church.


Accept credit cards with your iPhone, Android, smartphone or iPad. The Square Card Reader or PayPal Card Reader accepts credit cards anywhere. Turn your mobile device into an easy payment method and watch your sales go through the roof. Most people do NOT carry a checkbook or have much cash on hand, and they are excited IF YOU can accept credit cards. All major credit cards accepted – VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

The above “helpful hints” are just a few samples of what we will teach in GREAT detail in your welcoming kit.

Starter Sales Kit

$ 75

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$150 worth of gift items

Bronze Sales Kit

$ 150

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$300 worth of gift items

Silver Sales Kit

$ 300

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$600 worth of gift items

Gold Sales Kit

$ 600

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$1200 worth of gift items

Platinum Sales Kit

$ 1,250

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$2500 worth of gift items

Diamond Sales Kit

$ 2,500

ORDER NOWWe will send you +$5000 worth of gift items

Custom Order


ORDER NOWClick HERE to make a Custom Order

Don’t delay, order your kit today! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 417-393-9185. Thank you and God Bless.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13