Celebrate Christmas with an Olivewood Naitivity

Olivewood naitivity sets are the perfect addition to your home’s holiday décor. Made with Holy Land olivewood, these naitivity scenes are simple, yet beautiful.

When it comes to celebrating Christmas each year, the simple beauty of the olivewood naitivity will be a welcome addition to your décor, no matter what your decorating style. Here, we’ll share a few tips for setting up a nativity scene.

Choose the Right Size

If you don’t yet own a nativity scene, now is the perfect time to start deciding which type will work best for the space you have available. Many people enjoy setting up a variety of nativity sets in different areas, but for now, let’s just focus on picking one. Measure the space you have available, and choose a set that will fit there without looking too crowded. If you have just a tiny area available, look for an all-in-one olivewood naitivity. It’s handcrafted beauty will fit well within a simple setting, and you’ll appreciate how easy it is to store, too. If you have unlimited space available, pick an olivewood naitivity set you can set up in a way that reminds you of the journey the Holy Family made as they travelled to Bethlehem.

Add Lights, or Keep it Simple

One of the nicest things about a very simple nativity set is that you can either keep it that way, or you can add lights, greenery, and other decorative items. The first nativity sets people made were actually dioramas, so you can keep the tradition alive by making a special backdrop if you like. Use white lights to represent stars, or add a festive touch with colored lights.

Some people like to display dramatically carved wooden nativity sets by candlelight; if you think this idea might work well for you, be sure to think safety, since these nativity scenes are made from natural wood that will scorch if set too close to an open flame. Use candles enclosed in glass to prevent accidental fires, and be sure that you have incorporated plenty of clearance between flames and any items above them. Even the best-quality candles emit smoke that can damage items placed too close to the flame.

A final word about candles – remember not to leave them burning when you can’t be there to supervise. If placing your nativity set within reach of children, battery-operated LED candles can be used in place of the real thing.

Position Figures in a Meaningful Way

Olivewood naitivity sets tend to be durable, which makes them ideal for busy families. If you have children, allow them to help decide where to place the figures that make up the nativity, discussing the importance of each character as you do so. Put the baby Jesus in the middle, and place Mary and Joseph nearby. Try reading the nativity story as you set up the nativity scene in your home, and use your imagination. Just be sure to keep Jesus, Mary, and Joseph within easy view since they are, after all, the central players in the scene.

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