Choosing Christian Gifts for Children

When it comes to Christian gifts for children, you may be at a complete loss for ideas. Children will appreciate these interesting Christian gifts suggestions.

When looking for Christian gifts for children, you might feel as though you are fighting an uphill battle. After all, many gifts for kids involve lots of plastic, odd cartoon characters, or noisy sound effects that will have parents wishing you would have just forgotten about the occasion at hand. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful children’s Christmas gift, a First Communion gift, or other Christian gifts for children, you’ll find that there are plenty of great choices available – especially if you search online.

Make it Meaningful

When selecting a gift for a child, spend some time thinking about what will be most meaningful to that child, and what you might be able to do to make a gift seem a bit more personal. Let’s face it – most kids spend more time thinking about candy and toys than they spend thinking about life’s deeper issues, and that’s normal. It’s part of being a child. So, don’t just grab the first thing you find and expect the child to enjoy it. Some ways to make Christian gifts for children seem more meaningful include:

  • Telling a story when giving the gift.
  • Enclosing a book that tells a story about the type of gift you’re giving.
  • Giving the child a gift he or she can wear.

Make it Sustainable

Last time you shopped, did you consider the amount of plastic and packaging that went into the items you shopped for? Religious leaders and political leaders are finally asking people to make sustainable choices in all areas of their lives, and that ought to extend to the gifts we give others, particularly children. Plastic is not at all special, and though kids love brightly colored items, these things soon lose their charm, particularly if they are obviously childish; young people do grow up, after all!

Some of the nicest sustainable gifts you can give children include items made from wood, glass, ceramic, or even mother of pearl shell. Wood and mother of pearl have glass items at a disadvantage, since they are more durable. If you give a child the gift of a wooden cross, for example, that same cross can stay with that child for a lifetime.

Try packaging your gifts in a way that’s sustainable, too. For example, use simple paper and raffia instead of plastic bows, or pack your gifts in a basket that can be re-used.

Make it Special

The best Christian gifts for children are those that are special and unique. Kids often rapidly lose interest in toys, but they treasure little things that remind them of special occasions and of people who give these things to them. No matter what the occasion, a gift that’s different from the items everyone else has is sure to hold special appeal.

At HolyLand-Gifts, you’ll find many wonderful Christian gifts that children will love. Crosses, rosaries, and even little keepsake boxes to hold special items are sure to be appreciated. Best of all, all these items are sustainable, and all come with a story to tell.