Christians Caring for God’s Creation

As Christians, we are stewards of God’s creation – the planet we live on, the birds, animals and plants that share the Earth with us, and the air and water we depend on for life have been entrusted to our care. Now, more than ever, it is up to us as Christians to do all we can to help safeguard the resources God provided to sustain us. Here, we’ll take a look at some ways you can do your part.

Make Wise Choices

We’ve all hear the slogan “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,” and sometimes it may seem as though public service announcements and environmental organizations go a little overboard. The sad truth is though, that God’s oceans are full of plastic, the lands He provided to people for farming have been covered in pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals; and the birds, fish, and animals He provided to sustain us are dying off at incredible rates, simply because people have stopped caring for the gifts God gave us.

The choices you make each day – when you purchase something, when you discard items, and when you use resources – all add up. Are you a good steward of God’s creation? Which businesses do you support, and what kind of entertainment do you choose? All of the choices you make, day in and day out, matter greatly.

Participate in Cleanup Efforts

By participating in cleanup efforts, whether that’s at a local park, along roadsides, or on a beach or other waterfront area, you can help to make a difference. God has blessed us with an abundance of natural resources. It is important to spend at least a small portion of our time showing that we care.

Teach Children the Importance of Good Stewardship

Children are eager to learn new things, so start off right, and teach them the importance of taking good care of what God has given them. Teach them to use resources properly, and set a good example. There are countless resources available for teaching kids to care for the environment.

How HolyLand-Gifts Makes a Difference

The gift items you purchase from us don’t arrive in excessive packaging, and they are made from sustainable natural resources. For example, the olive wood which most of our gifts are made from is sourced from branches trimmed from olive trees. Trimming these trees, some of which are thousands of years old, helps them to stay healthy and keep producing olives, which people in Bethlehem rely on for many of the products they use every day. Most of the gift items are unfinished, so the wood has a chance to take on a lovely patina as it ages – and so less chemical residue makes its way into the environment.

By choosing to give these gift items instead of meaningless plastic items, you are helping to ensure less garbage ends up polluting the planet, and you are helping artisans in the Holy Land to live more abundantly. Finally, you are giving unique gifts people will treasure. They are a connection to the natural resources God gave to humanity – and a little reminder that the simplest things in life are often some of the most meaningful.