Roman Olive Wood Cross Necklace with Leather Cord


DescriptionCrosses make great gifts for Christians, and this is a favorite, especially as it has a rugged look that makes it the perfect cross necklace for men, teens, or younger boys. A fantastic boys first communion gift, and great for confirmation too, this necklace is made from the wood of the olive tree, and is handmade by Christians in the Holy Land. Whether this wooden cross necklace is for you or for someone special, it is all the more meaningful simply because it has traveled to the wearer from the land where Jesus lived, preached, and ultimately, gave up his earthly life for us all. With a customizable cord so it can be worn at the desired length, this cross pendant is one of a kind, evoking the first roughly sketched crosses Christians used to symbolize the faith we still hold dear today.

Cord: 30+ inches

Product Heigth: 1.0″ / 3cm
Product Width: 0.8″ / 2cm


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