Gifts for Catholic Confirmation: Five Fantastic Ideas

Gifts for Catholic Confirmation should celebrate the Confirmand’s deepening faith. Here are five gifts that are suitable for giving Catholic Confirmation recipients.

Gifts for Catholic Confirmation don’t have to be expensive, but they should be memorable. As the sacrament of Confirmation is part of an important life transition for Catholics, many families celebrate by hosting parties, and many churches bring their congregations together to celebrate. If you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances who are receiving the Sacrament, you’ll find the following suggestions concerning gifts for Catholic Confirmation to be useful.

Confirmation Blessing Keepsake

You can easily create a Confirmation blessing keepsake using your favorite medium; whether you woodburn the following inscription into a plaque or cross-stitch it onto a piece of fabric to frame, it will certainly be appreciated:

May Truth Be Your Guiding Star, and May the Word of God Always be your Most Trusted Counsel and Your Heart’s Greatest Treasure.

Add the confirmand’s name and the date of his or her confirmation, and you’ll be all set.

A Rosary

The Roman Catholic Rosary is a wonderful tool for daily prayer, or for simple meditation. While most Catholics know about the rosary, many wish they would remember to use their rosaries more often. Mother of pearl rosaries and wooden rosaries from Bethlehem are beautiful and will last a lifetime. If you are sponsoring a confirmand, the gift of the rosary takes on even greater significance.

A Survival Kit from God

You can put this little kit together with a few simple items, and enclose it in a wooden keepsake box:

  • A Lollipop to Lick Your Problems
  • Life Savers to Help Keep You from Drowning in Everyday Concerns
  • A String to Help Tie Up Your Loose Ends
  • An Olivewood cross to Keep Things In Perspective

While these gifts for Catholic Confirmation are simple, they’re certainly meaningful! If you are giving several confirmation gifts, you’ll appreciate the fact that this idea is an extremely cost-effective one.

A Cross

A simple cross, be it one that can be worn around the neck, or a larger one designed to be displayed on a wall, is one of the most popular gifts for Catholic Confirmation. Another type of cross that makes an outstanding Confirmation gift is the Comfort Cross, which is just the right size for carrying in a purse or pocket. Much like a worry stone, this smooth, contoured cross improves as time passes.

Sacred Artwork

Sacred artwork isn’t just for churches! Just like crosses and crucifixes, these unique pieces of artwork are wonderful for display in the home. Whether you go for a classic painting or a replica of Michelangelo’s Pieta, a simple set of praying hands, or a lovely sculpture depicting the Holy Family, it is certain to be well received.

You’ll find plenty of gifts for Catholic Confirmation at Whether you’re assembling a gift basket, putting together a survival kit from God, or simply giving a traditional Confirmation gift like a rosary, you will appreciate both the affordable prices and the exceptional craftsmanship the site offers.