Baby Jesus in Manger Olive Wood Christmas Ornament


DescriptionDo you know the story of the baby Jesus? Most of us know that he was born in a stable – because there was no room for Mary and Joseph at any of the inns in Bethlehem, which were crowded with people. Saint Jerome has another take on this story: “Christ found no room in the Holy of Holies, which shone with gold and silver, precious stones, and silk. He is not born in the midst of riches, but in the midst of a stable. He is born to lift up the poor, as revealed in Psalm 113:7. ” In this simple and lovely olive wood Christmas ornament, we can come to a greater understanding of how Christ's presence in our lives lifts us up and carries us; even through the most difficult circumstances.

Product Heigth: 2.0″ / 5cm
Product Width: 2.0″ / 5cm