Olive Wood Bell Nativity Christmas Ornament


DescriptionAt Christmas, bells ring, and people of all ages sing songs of praise from wherever they may be. Do you know the story of Bethlehem's Christian families? Once numerous, these people now constitute less than fifteen percent of the population. Threatened and often impoverished, they still hold fast to their faith, spending each day making lovely ornaments like this one, and carefully crafting each of the many gifts we offer here. In this ornament, with its shining star and manger scene, we see the eternal story of the Holy Family – a story of hope for all people. When you enjoy this beautifully polished ornament, which is one of our best sellers, say a little prayer for the Christians of Bethlehem. If you give it as a gift, be sure to share the story!

Product Heigth: 3.5″ / 9cm
Product Width: 2.5″ / 6cm
Product Length: 2.5″ / 6cm


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