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Five Top Christian Gifts for Men

Selecting Christian gifts for men may sound like a difficult prospect, but the truth is, once you know what to look for, the process suddenly seems much easier. Here, we’ll take a look at five top Christian gifts for men. These gifts are ideal for any occasion, and are certain to be ideal for nearly any man who identifies as a Christian.

Religious Art

There are many different types of religious art, and depending on the individual’s taste, at least one type of religious art is sure to appeal to him.

  • Classic Images – Classic images by artists such as Michelangelo are certain to appeal to the Christian man who has a refined sense of taste. Other images, such as those depicting the Last Supper or the Good Shepherd for example, have been rendered by various artists using a variety of styles.
  • Carvings – A praying hands statue or a carving depicting the head of Christ is a fantastic piece of religious art that looks fantastic in nearly any setting.
  • Art Books – Great for a coffee table, religious art books are a nice choice for that person who has everything.


Crosses come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of styles. While you can find crosses made with ceramic, metal, and other common materials, some of the nicest are made with Bethlehem olivewood. Crosses are perfect for displaying in any room and make excellent Christian gifts for men.


Once considered to be exclusively for Catholics, rosaries actually make great Christian gifts for men of any religious affiliation. Perfect for any man who wants to increase his spiritual strength, or who is looking for a way to improve his ability to meditate, rosaries make truly unique gifts for any occasion.

Bibles and Accessories

Bibles and bible accessories such as index tabs, bible covers, and bookmarks make outstanding gifts for all Christians. There are many different types of bibles to choose from:

  • Study Bibles – These bibles often contain footnotes and other special features that make bible studies more enriching.
  • Family Bibles – Every family should have a classic family bible! Many of these bibles have space for recording genealogical information, and many are designed to be passed from one generation to the next.
  • Large Print Bibles – The perfect choice for anyone with aging eyes, large print bibles make great Christian gifts for men such as uncles, grandfathers, and even for dads who are getting older.

Religious Jewelry

While some men don’t care much for jewelry, most men appreciate simple items like crosses which can be worn under everyday attire. If you’re considering the gift of religious jewelry, be sure to keep the recipient’s sense of taste in mind.

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Choosing a Unique Catholic Wedding Gift

Selecting a Catholic wedding gift doesn’t have to be difficult. Here, we share some quick, simple tips for choosing a wedding gift for a Catholic couple.

You’ve received an invitation to a Catholic wedding, and you’re wondering what might make a nice Catholic wedding gift. While traditional wedding gifts such as household goods and money are always appreciated, you’ll make the couple feel just a bit more special if you take the time to select a unique Catholic wedding gift they can enjoy for a lifetime.

Keep it Simple

When choosing a wedding gift that’s not on the registry, keep it simple. While you do want to select something that is unique, you also want to ensure that your gift will be appreciated and cherished. Use the couple’s sense of taste as a guideline, and try to avoid purchasing anything that follows a current fad. A simple, timeless gift will be appreciated when it is received, and it will be enjoyed as time passes, too.

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

While some people seem to try to outdo themselves when giving gifts, it’s true that sometimes the least expensive gifts are the ones that are cherished most. What often matters more than the gift itself is the special meaning that’s attached to it. And, while it may seem tempting to say “it’s the thought that counts,” it’s great to come up with a unique gift that shows your level of thoughtfulness and caring.

Think about heirlooms you see as priceless, and then think about their relative worth in dollars and cents; while some things may be valuable simply because they are old, those things may not have cost much at the time they were purchased. Before you spend a fortune on a gift that may or may not be appreciated, spend a little time searching for a thoughtful gift with timeless appeal.

Catholic Wedding Gift Ideas

Keeping simplicity and cost-effectiveness in mind, we’ve come up with a few great wedding gift ideas for Catholics:

  • Nativity Sets and Christmas Ornaments – Most newlyweds come into their marriages without much “stuff,” and what they do have might not always be the best. A beautiful olivewood nativity set has timeless appeal, and is certain to be appreciated. It blends in well with any décor, and it is much less fragile – and less expensive than – many other types of nativity scenes. Christmas ornaments are also fantastic wedding gifts for Catholics. Whether you give lots of different ornaments or just a few special ones, they are sure to be a surprise, and they’re certain to bring happiness along with them.
  • Crosses – Just like other Christians, Catholics like to display crosses in their homes as symbols of their faith. A simple wooden cross makes a great gift on its own, and is a nice addition to any collection of household goods you may have decided on from a gift registry.
  • Rosaries – Not all Catholics pray the rosary on a regular basis, but giving a couple a gift of matching rosaries says you care not just about their physical well-being, but that you care about their spiritual well-being, too. If you have the opportunity to meet with a Catholic priest, ask him to bless the rosaries, and be sure to tell the couple that they have been blessed.

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Celebrating Holy Thursday

Christians everywhere celebrate Holy Thursday or Mandy Thursday, as it is often known, each year just before Easter. This important feast commemorates the Last Supper as described in the Gospels. If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you might know quite a bit about Holy Thursday. If, on the other hand, you’re brand new to Christianity, you may wish you knew more about the feast’s history and traditions. Here, we’ll take a look at the history of Maundy Thursday, plus we’ll talk about the way today’s Christians typically celebrate this holy day.

What is Maundy Thursday?

As the Anglican Church of England calls this holy day, Maundy Thursday is simply the Thursday before Easter. Most scholars conclude that the word “Maundy” comes from a combination of a word derived through old French, English, and Latin including mande and mandatum. You’ll find the root word “mandatum” in the Latin text describing a statement Jesus made at the Last Supper: “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos,” which translates to a statement in English which you might be familiar with: “A new commandment I give to you: Love One Another, as I have loved you.” It is from the words of this, the Great Commandment, that we get the word “Maundy.”

The ceremonies Christians practice on Holy Thursday are inspire by events that took place during that Last Supper, when Jesus celebrated the Passover feast with his disciples. The washing of feet, for instance, is one practice many Christians still engage in, and it has been popular since about the fourth century. In the early days, clergy would simply wash one another’s feet, or an abbot would wash the feet of the monks he led. Today, many Christians wash one another’s feet on Maundy Thursday. Sometimes, church leaders will wash the feet of twelve men who represent disciples. Other celebrations involve entire congregations.

The second ceremony that takes place in most churches on Maundy Thursday has been taking place since the very beginning of Christianity – that is the celebration of the Eucharist, which commemorates Jesus’s words commanding the disciples to take bread and wine in memory of his sacrifice. Though Catholics and many other faithful people celebrate the Eucharist at almost every gathering, some Protestant denominations celebrate it rarely, with Maundy Thursday being one day communion is taken. We’ll cover various Christian beliefs surrounding the Holy Eucharist or Communion in another entry, since these beliefs vary widely from one denomination to the next.

Baptisms for new believers often take place on Mandy Thursday, and confessions or reconciliation services often take place on this day as well. In some communities, members of various churches gather to celebrate Maundy Thursday together, with a large ceremonial foot washing, bible readings, and music. At the conclusion of this celebration, the church is often darkened in preparation for Good Friday, and many people plan to return the following day to commemorate the day of Jesus’ passion and death.

No matter how you celebrate, you’ll find that some common threads tie Christians from various denominations to one another, and you may come to a greater appreciation of the fact that Jesus was once a man who ate, drank, and participated in daily life just as we do. As you come to understand more about Maundy Thursday, work to grow in your faith and consider sharing it with others,




Catholic Gift Ideas for All Occasions

When attempting to come up with Catholic gift ideas, keep the recipient’s taste in mind. Here are some gift ideas for Catholic occasions of all types.

When working to come up with Catholic gift ideas, it’s important that you keep the recipient’s age, gender, and personal sense of taste in mind. It is also vital that you look for items designed to inspire virtue and strengthen the recipient’s sense of faith, no matter what the occasion. Here, we’ll share some great Catholic gift ideas, along with a few ideas for presenting those gifts in a lovely, personalized way.

Baptism Gifts

Almost all Christians recognize the importance of Baptism, and it’s no different for Catholics. While most Catholics are baptized shortly after birth, many receive baptism as children, and some as adults who are completely new to Christianity. Bibles, medals depicting various saints (particularly those the person is named after,) crosses, and crucifixes make fantastic Baptism gifts.

First Holy Communion Gifts

These gifts tend to be white, to signify purity. A white rosary made with mother of pearl shell is an excellent gift the recipient is sure to enjoy for a lifetime. Package the rosary in a special bag or box to ensure it is kept safe from tangles or accidental breakage. Bibles, prayer books, and other religious gifts are also appropriate.

Confirmation Gifts

Catholic Confirmation Gifts should be spiritual in nature. Some Catholic gift ideas for Confirmation include Roman Catholic rosaries, crosses, and medals or holy cards depicting the person’s chosen confirmation name saint. Books and Christian music CD’s are also very nice gifts. Many Catholics are confirmed around Easter, so consider making a special Easter basket containing several small items, particularly if you aren’t sure what the recipient might like most.

Wedding Gifts

While Catholic newlyweds certainly welcome all sorts of household goods and other traditional items, it doesn’t hurt to add a little touch of spirituality to make the occasion even more special. Some Catholic gift ideas for weddings include religious artwork such as statues, sculptures, and paintings. Crosses are also very popular, and even Nativity sets can be a unique gift that people just beginning their lives together will certainly appreciate.

Christmas Gifts

Just like other Christians, Catholics love to celebrate Christmas, often blending secular traditions with religious traditions. Catholic gift ideas for Christmas include large items such as Nativity sets, and smaller items, such as Christmas ornaments depicting traditional religious scenes. Look for items that are unique instead of those mass-produced in factories, and you’ll be giving a gift that is certain to be treasured for many years to come.

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