Five Top Christian Gifts for Men

Selecting Christian gifts for men may sound like a difficult prospect, but the truth is, once you know what to look for, the process suddenly seems much easier. Here, we’ll take a look at five top Christian gifts for men. These gifts are ideal for any occasion, and are certain to be ideal for nearly any man who identifies as a Christian.

Religious Art

There are many different types of religious art, and depending on the individual’s taste, at least one type of religious art is sure to appeal to him.

  • Classic Images – Classic images by artists such as Michelangelo are certain to appeal to the Christian man who has a refined sense of taste. Other images, such as those depicting the Last Supper or the Good Shepherd for example, have been rendered by various artists using a variety of styles.
  • Carvings – A praying hands statue or a carving depicting the head of Christ is a fantastic piece of religious art that looks fantastic in nearly any setting.
  • Art Books – Great for a coffee table, religious art books are a nice choice for that person who has everything.


Crosses come in a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes, as well as in a variety of styles. While you can find crosses made with ceramic, metal, and other common materials, some of the nicest are made with Bethlehem olivewood. Crosses are perfect for displaying in any room and make excellent Christian gifts for men.


Once considered to be exclusively for Catholics, rosaries actually make great Christian gifts for men of any religious affiliation. Perfect for any man who wants to increase his spiritual strength, or who is looking for a way to improve his ability to meditate, rosaries make truly unique gifts for any occasion.

Bibles and Accessories

Bibles and bible accessories such as index tabs, bible covers, and bookmarks make outstanding gifts for all Christians. There are many different types of bibles to choose from:

  • Study Bibles – These bibles often contain footnotes and other special features that make bible studies more enriching.
  • Family Bibles – Every family should have a classic family bible! Many of these bibles have space for recording genealogical information, and many are designed to be passed from one generation to the next.
  • Large Print Bibles – The perfect choice for anyone with aging eyes, large print bibles make great Christian gifts for men such as uncles, grandfathers, and even for dads who are getting older.

Religious Jewelry

While some men don’t care much for jewelry, most men appreciate simple items like crosses which can be worn under everyday attire. If you’re considering the gift of religious jewelry, be sure to keep the recipient’s sense of taste in mind.

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