Choosing a Catholic Confirmation Gift

Selecting the right Catholic Confirmation gift doesn’t have to be a chore. Here, we’ll provide some tips for finding a great gift for Catholic Confirmation.

Whether you are a friend or family member of a Confirmand, the Catholic confirmation gift you select shows that you support the newly confirmed member of the Catholic faith in his or her decision to become a fully anointed member of the church. A Catholic Confirmation gift should be meaningful, and it ought to be long-lasting. Here are some tips for choosing a Confirmation gift that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Select an Appropriate Gift

Unlike a casual gift-giving festivity such as a birthday, Confirmation is a very special occasion. The sacrament of Confirmation is only conferred upon a Catholic once in his or her life, so the gift you give should be an appropriate one. Christian gifts are the standard here, and gifts specifically celebrating the Catholic faith are always well-received by Confirmands. Some items to avoid giving as Confirmation gifts include:

  • Secular books or music
  • Toys or games
  • Personal care items
  • Candies or other sweets
  • Non-religious jewelry items

These items are just a few examples of gifts that might be perfectly appropriate at other times, but which do not make appropriate gifts for Confirmation.

An appropriate Catholic Confirmation gift is one that the recipient can use to increase his or her faith. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Bibles and other religious books
  • Christian music
  • Mass cards
  • Religious jewelry items
  • Rosaries
  • Religious sculptures

Just like gifts you choose for other occasions, you want to be sure that the Catholic Confirmation gift you select is one that the recipient will like. For example, a young girl who is being confirmed would probably like a gleaming white mother of pearl rosary better than a rustic rosary made of olive wood, and a young boy being confirmed would probably like the wooden rosary better than the one made with mother of pearl.

When giving an adult Confirmand a Catholic Confirmation gift, keep in mind that he or she probably already has plenty of religious reading material, and his or her taste in music might be a lot different from yours. In addition, he or she may already have a very special rosary. Look for something unique and meaningful, and think about ways to avoid giving gifts that are too typical – you want to ensure you give a gift that is one of a kind. A sculpture depicting the Holy Family, Praying Hands, or even the Head of Christ might make a wonderful gift for an adult, even though these items are things a younger Confirmand might want to put away until later.

At, you can find a wonderful selection of gifts that are perfectly appropriate for those receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, including members of both genders, and people of all ages. Hand-made rosaries and crosses of various types make excellent Confirmation gifts, as do cross necklaces. Spend just a few minutes browsing, and you’ll almost certainly find a gift that’s just right for the Confirmand in your life.