Choosing a Rosary Beads Necklace for Men

The rosary beads necklace for men is a fantastic gift that is certain to be well-received. Here are some guidelines for selecting rosary beads as a necklace for men.

Some men are notoriously tough to shop for, which is one reason a rosary beads necklace for men makes a great gift. Following, we’ll discuss some various rosary necklace styles along with various pros and cons associated with each type of rosary beads necklace for men.

Stainless Steel Rosary Beads

While stainless steel rosary beads tend to impart a nice streamlined look, they’re also quite trendy, which means that when you give this type of rosary beads necklace for men, it may not be a gift the recipient is able to wear for more than a few seasons. In addition, these rosary beads tend to become very hot when exposed to sunlight.

Plastic Rosary Beads

Many churches and non-profit groups give away handmade plastic rosaries for free. Sometimes these rosaries are strung on polyester thread, and sometimes they’re made to be more durable, with metal chain links between the beads. Some of these rosary beads are one-hundred percent plastic, making them a good choice for small children who might damage a more valuable set of rosary beads; some have metal crosses that give them a slightly more upscale look. As a rosary beads necklace for men, plastic rosary beads can be a good choice for someone who cannot have metal items; if a friend or loved one is in prison, then plastic rosary beads may be the only kind this recipient can have.

Natural Stone Rosary Beads

Rosary beads made with natural stones often have a very sparkly look, which makes them a favorite with women. Crystal is a popular stone for rosary making, though some rosaries are made with more valuable gemstones like garnets, sapphires, or rubies. Some rosaries are even made of diamonds; these cost about the same as a new car. While natural stone rosary beads can be a nice choice as a rosary beads necklace for men, price can be an issue. If you do want to give a man a rosary made with gemstones, be sure to choose one that looks masculine.

Shell Rosary Beads

Natural shells are often used to make rosaries. One of the nicest types on the market is mother of pearl, which is an iridescent white color. When worn, these rosaries feel smooth against the skin, and they don’t become terribly hot. The natural shell these rosaries are made from lasts for many years, meaning that even though these rosaries are inexpensive, they can become treasured family heirlooms.

Wooden Rosary Beads

Wooden rosary beads are very popular with men. These rosaries have a distinctly masculine look, and so long as they are made with a quality wood, such as olivewood, they only improve with age and can last a man a lifetime. While some wooden rosary beads are very expensive, others are available at surprisingly low prices. Of all the various types of rosaries for men, these are among the best – and they make a fantastic gift for all occasions.