Christian Gifts for Kids: How to Make them Special

Finding Christian gifts for kids is simple if you know where to look. Kids will enjoy memorable Christian gifts more when you add special personal touches.

Think back to the last time someone gave you a gift, and you’ll understand why adding special touches to Christian gifts for kids is so important. No matter what the gift you received was, it probably seemed a lot more meaningful when the one who gave it to you added special personal touches. Here, we’ll provide some ideas for adding even more meaning to Christian gifts for kids.

Start With a Great Gift

Everyone loves gifts, and with just a little thought, you can look at a group of items and select the one that will best suit the person you’re gifting. What makes a great gift though? Usually, it’s something completely unexpected – something out of the ordinary. It’s an item the receiver doesn’t have already, or it’s an item that replaces or upgrades an item the recipient already has. Some examples of great Christian gifts for kids include:

  • Jewelry for girls
  • Crosses for either gender
  • Rosaries, particularly at First Communion or Confirmation
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Small Nativity sets kids can put in their rooms

Add a Story

Different items, even religious items, have different meanings to different people. If you have a personal story to tell about an item, you can write that story out and include it, or you can tell the story to the child and give him or her the gift when the time is right. For example, if you are thinking about presenting a child with a cross or a rosary because an item like that one has played a special role in your spiritual life, think about a way to explain the item’s significance to that child. Make sure you use age-appropriate language the child can understand.

If you like, you can add a book that talks about the item, or if you have always wanted to write a kids’ book, now is your chance to write a special book and illustrate it. It doesn’t have to be fancy – you can do it on your own PC, using your own printer, and crafting a special cover out of durable material. The more creative you are, the more exciting and personal the gift will be, and the more meaning it will have.

Package it Beautifully

When giving a gift, you might feel as if the gift itself is special enough, and this might just be true. In many cases though, packaging helps build excitement and adds a bit of festivity to the occasion. For simple Christian gifts for kids, consider the following:

  • Put little gifts like wooden cross necklaces or rosaries into a keepsake box. This not only helps add visual appeal, it helps keep the gift safe – even careful children can be hard on their belongings.
  • For Easter gifts, make a little Easter basket with your gift as the centerpiece.
  • For Christmas gifts, add a wooden Christmas ornament to the packaging, next to the bow. This is inexpensive, yet it adds a wonderfully meaningful touch. has many wonderful items that will appeal to children. For baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation gifts, as well as great gifts for other occasions, we offer quality and affordability.