Five Ways to Display a Christian Christmas Ornament

A beautiful Christian Christmas ornament is right at home on the Christmas tree. This Christmas, try displaying a Christian ornament in a whole new way.

Some Christmas ornaments are meant to blend into the background; others, particularly a beautiful Christian Christmas ornament, are best when showcased. Here, we’ll share some Christmas decorating ideas for showcasing any special ornament, including a special Christian Christmas ornament. If you need ideas for decorating a small space for Christmas, you’ll find the following methods for displaying ornaments can be easily adapted.

House It in a Jar or Canister

If you’ve got curious children or pets at home, or if you simply wish there was an easy way to keep your favorite Christian Christmas ornaments or mini Christmas Nativity sets free from dust, you’ll love this idea. House special ornaments inside a jar or canister, where they’re less likely to be damaged or get dirty. This idea is one that works very well for antique Christmas ornaments, as well as for special paper ornaments and fanciful gift tags. You can set the ornament on a shelf or tabletop and turn the jar over so it covers it, or you can use strong tape to fasten the ornament’s hanger to the lid for a look that’s both interesting and visually appealing. Cover the lid with pretty fabric or paper for an extra-festive touch.

Hang it From a Mirror

Using special ribbon that complements the rest of your décor, hang that special Christian Christmas ornament from the top of a mirror. You can do the same thing with a small wreath; add extra greenery for a lively touch.

Hang it From a Window

Windows are wonderful spaces for showcasing special Christmas ornaments. Create a display using several ornaments, or try hanging one olive wood nativity ornament in the window for an understated look that reminds viewers of the true meaning of Christmas. Use special ribbon, or keep it simple; the choice is yours.

Use an Ornament Stand

Ornament stands are designed to let you show off unique Christmas ornaments. Usually made with metal, they are inexpensive and can be found at most stores that carry Christmas decorations. Be sure to measure the ornament you want to display before you purchase the stand, as some oversized ornaments are a bit too large to fit in a standard small ornament display stand.

Create a Mini Christmas Tree

Perfect for a tabletop, buffet, or mantelpiece, a miniature Christmas tree is perfect for displaying a small collection of favorite ornaments that are similar to one another. You can easily create a small tree using heavy gauge copper wire, pipe cleaners, or other flexible materials, then decorate it with the ornaments you want to show off.

Finally, a great way to showcase a Christian Christmas ornament is to use ribbon to tie it to the top of a gift you’re giving someone! This way, everyone can enjoy the ornament before the gift is unwrapped, and the recipient can go on to enjoy it year after year – maybe using one of the ornament display ideas we’ve shared above.