Shepherd Boy Olive Wood Christmas Ornament


DescriptionDo you know the story of the shepherds, who were some of the first visitors the Son of God received? On the very first Christmas, that special night when Jesus was born, there were shepherds tending huge flocks of sheep just outside the village of Bethlehem. Suddenly, an angel appeared, announcing that the shepherds should not fear, but that they should visit the manger. Now, at that time, shepherds were thought to be unclean. They were not even allowed to enter the temples where the lambs they raised were offered! They were social outcasts. But the angel told them that the Messiah was to be for all people. Thus, they went to worship. Tell this story as you enjoy this lovely olive wood ornament, which features a humble shepherd and a little lamb. Christ is for all of us!

Product Heigth: 2.0″ / 5cm
Product Width: 2.0″ / 5cm


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