Bench Grotto Olive Wood Christmas Nativity Set


DescriptionIn this simple, yet beautifully designed Nativity, we see the Holy Family: Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus, along with the three Wise Men, a lamb, and a donkey. There are two stars shedding their light on the scene: one overhead, and another behind the grotto scene itself. The small bench near one of the wise men, plus the swaying palm tree near the donkey, add lifelike completion to the scene, which when illuminated, allows the imagination to add even more life to the setting. What must it have been like to be there, present with the Messiah? As you enjoy this lovely little Nativity scene, you'll find that it's easy to picture yourself there too; doing this can add a new sense of meaning and richness to your prayer life.

Product Heigth: 4.3″ / 11cm
Product Width: 6.9″ / 18cm
Product Length: 2.8″ / 7cm

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