Dove Olive Wood Necklace with Leather Cord


DescriptionSuch a powerful symbol of peace and spirituality that it is recognized all over the world, the dove serves as a reminder of the many promises God has made to us – and it reminds us that we should keep our promises, as well. From the days of Genesis, when the dove returned to the Ark bearing an olive branch in its bill, to the celebration of Pentecost, when the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit bearing the fire of wisdom and truth, this beautiful, gentle bird is a true inspiration. This necklace can be worn or displayed, and it has an extra-long leather cord to make customization simple. A great gift from the Holy Land for anyone on your list, it is certain to be well received.

Cord: 30+ inches

Product Heigth: 0.8″ / 2cm
Product Width: 0.8″ / 2cm


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